Mind your business Fam!!!

Why do people not mind their business? Okay, wait. Why do Nigerians not mind their business?  The other day I wore this nice ripped denim that I bought with my money and immediately I stepped out of the house , my neighbour’s guest went “what’s that?” in the most condescending tone she could muster, Ahan! Sister is it your body? I just looked at her and asked what’s what, I didn’t wait for the reply though. another time i was wearing a kimono and someone actually suggested i use a brooch to hold the chest area because it was showing my breasts, personally i think she was taking the piss because wheres the breast abeg? then went on smugly to add that she didn’t like it. as if!!

Anybody on my Bbm or Whatsapp knows I’m sendless when it comes to display pictures (i practically live on Instagram and i have about 5000 pictures for every life situation) but sometimes some people feel the need to tell me to take down some pictures because its offending them. Lol, look away bruh!. My Bbm, my Whatsapp, my data subscription but somehow they think i care about their sensibilities when they’re the ones to still send me unsolicited pictures and broadcast messages that need to be forwarded in 10 minutes or i face years of bad luck and suffering. Okay Sir , mmekop.

These scenarios might seem trivial but that’s how killings start. sue me if you will but i cannot bring myself to hate the LGBT community, i might not agree with what they represent but that doesn’t mean I’ll write Facebook posts calling for their death or see hem on the street and yell invectives, why? what’s my business with what adults choose to do with their bodies or who they choose to bang?

Sticking to your principles is key but tolerance for those who might not share your belief or background is key-er. learn to live and let live people, you cannot control everything. Trust me, I’ve tried.


2 thoughts on “Mind your business Fam!!!

  1. so I have plenty things to write, rant, say… whichever one but I’ll behave myself.
    finished going through your head and I mean all what has been in your head ( you wouldn’t want to know how long it took me) think I’m becoming a freak so I don’t mind. well!! going through blogs has been me after dropping that pen and paper and it has done me a whole lot… this one is now obviously on my daily to check blogs. babe you rock
    Wanted to comment on all the posts but story for anoda day. on this one sha, minding my own biznez has been something I’m perfecting now; if e no comot hair for my body n you sef kukuma like it biko kontinew… life is too short jare
    You’ve got a new fan here. thumbs up infact, all my fingers up


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