Letter in a bottle

If I had to write a message to the world that will be read long after our world as we know it is gone, I would write of the wars between countries, between brothers; long overdrawn battles for supremacy in money and power. I would write of the children that died in almost every place on earth, leaving their parents with little graves to dig;of bombs and bullets coming down like tongues of fire, possessive and intoxicating.

I would write of our men that have been killed to prove a point; to tell us that our lives are negotiable, negligible, excusable. I would write of hunger and hardship caused by the people that kept dasuki-ying our wealth to bury in saok-away pits. Get that!, taking monies meant for us all to bury in the earth!, I would write of these bastards that treated our treasury as their retirement plan.

I would write of love and sadness and how you can be giddy with love one moment and upset the next because “bae” keeps liking that girl’s picture; of fickle love, of lust and loneliness wrapped in shiny papers of love. I would write of envy, pretence, friendship, how easily the lines between them blur and the importance of finding and holding on to the true.

But then I would write on the joy that brings together, like when Agbani was crowned Miss World, Serena won her (insert number) Grand Slam , people thought Beyonce’s marriage was crashing. I would write of Mallam Musa with the leaking roof and children fashioned after Greek gods on my street, on contentment and the things that matter.

I would write of love; steady, familiar and sure love that will never end, that pushes through all the bullshit, that triumphs the distance and plants your feet steady on the ground, that erases all illusions ,Β  that disposes of ego. Yes, I would write on love. I would write on family and how to stand for each other and when not to; on the need not to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Then I’d remember that the letter is supposed to fit in a bottle so i would writeΒ  ” Peace, Love, Hope, Trust, Happiness, God” and sign it with a red lipstick.

6 thoughts on “Letter in a bottle

  1. CONGRATULATIONS pls keep it up, write also of motherhood in African how difficult our mother have to suffer to see us through as adult.
    Also for the young teenagers that are just coming of age do a small research on how it happened and I lost my virginity.advice on how to prevent such will help a lot young girls in this and other generation to come .God bless.


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