I was only a child when I started getting asked what I’d like to be when I grew up, from parents, teachers, neighbors, even peers. Back then everyone wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, a banker, or a lawyer. That was it. All our choices were limited to these four. I remember a day when my father asked us, my brother and I, what we’d like to be when we grew up and boy did my brother always have funny life goals in mind from being a hunter to a farmer to any other thing that caught his fancy at that point in time. This day however, his goal was to be a policeman. My dad almost went crazy, going on about how my brother could not go to school and come out and be a policeman but the thing is my dad is a policeman. It was funny to me because I didn’t understand why he was so against the notion of my brother taking up something he was already involved in.
My first year in senior secondary school, I had to decide if I was going to be an art, commercial or a science student. I decided to be a commercial student. My dad didn’t get it, how could I, with my basic knowledge of math be able to function in a commercial class?. I didn’t get it, how could I with my basic knowledge of math be able to function in a science class with physics, chemistry and further math, further math!!! We went back and forth on it, he got angry , I got angry and I stayed in commercial class because I just couldn’t see myself as a chemical engineer no matter how hard I tried and because of that I had to work extra hard so I’d show him that I knew what I was doing.
I went on to the university, as did my peers and graduated and the new gist is that we have to have skills. Skills!!!, what kind of sorcery is that? To use and do what? Going to school was everything and we have. We freaking have!!! You promised us, that’s what we’ve been hearing since…since, all we had to do was go to school, read, pass, graduate, get a job and stay balling, no?. Why were we not told that it wasn’t enough, that so many of us would have the same qualifications and graduate to struggle for the few and fewer jobs available?. You should have told us, we should have had a choice to stress in the name of school or just learn a skill so that few of us would be doctors and the remaining shoemakers, stylists, designers and what not.
Wizkid, Tuface, Anna Banana Banner, Veronica Obi-Odeka and that other guy that has a fascination for the female posterior have all put our parents to shame. They’ve shown us that our childhood was a lie. We didn’t need to go to school to be rich, we all didn’t need to be doctors, heck we all couldn’t be doctors. There was music and people actually got paid singing. We could do anything we wanted, even farm. Anything. They realize it now. Parents I mean, and teachers and neighbors and all those career and ambition monitoring people realize it now and they can’t even apologize or accept that they were wrong because in Africa, elders are never wrong but its okay, we know.
We know now that education is good but it’s not enough, it has never been enough and they knew but because they too were not told, they couldn’t tell us. We know. We will allow you to be as shocked and disillusioned as we were,yes?

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