Be happy!

I’m so angry, went to bed pissed off and woke mad as hell but that’s not why we’re here.  I’ve decided instead to write on all the things that make me happy, hopefully I’ll feel better at the end of this post. Here goes nothing…

I love having my phone on at all hours of the day, I love my phone so much I think I’m addicted so going without it for hours at a time is bound to cause me anxiety. Not just having it powered though, having enough data to go from blog to blog, to Facebook, Instagram, and just typing random shit on Google.

I love music, almost all kinds, even the naija pangolo sounds we all know we’re stuck with. I think the only thing better than music is loud music, not club loud though, I’m talking headset loud where you can hear all the notes, the piano, every breath taken, every pause. I love when I find new songs on Waptrick or anywhere basically even if it’s from someone’s phone while I’m walking past, that’s the only time I’m not second guessing walking up to a stranger. I love playing these new songs until I find a replacement or until everyone around me grows weary from hearing it 24/7 (you guys should be thanking me jare). I love mornings when I get to play “love on the brain” and “formation” and plug in all the way to work and this is an apology to that guy that kept trying to communicate, that was Kanye’s fault.

I love reading, well as long as I know I’m not writing an exam on it. Paperbacks are cool but PDFs are cooler because I get to carry them everywhere without having excess baggage, can you imagine lugging around a 1359 page book? Stress. I LOVE the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, E. L James is the GOAT, that woman almost made me get a bondage set and I don’t even like pain! I’m grateful for goodreads.com, free-ebooks.net and the other numerous sites I download from. I love reading the books that movies were adapted from after I’ve watched the movie though so I don’t become the annoying person at the movie that keeps explaining each scene. Thriller, mystery novels are fun and horror novels are bound to fuck you up for a little while, I actually think they’re worse than horror movies especially for someone with an extremely active imagination, it’s been five years but I still remember “the Bloodstone” , that book shook me so much I couldn’t finish reading it and I always finish.

I love watching movies with someone or people, I hate horror movies but I would go to the cinema to see one with someone so when it gets to the really scary parts I can bury my face in his chest (I’m moist, I know) and also to see people more scared than I am, a girl once ran out of the theatre crying because she couldn’t handle it anymore and the poor boyfriend that looked like he was enjoying the movie had to follow her. Good times.

I love food. Food is life, food will never leave, never say it’s not doing again, never ignore you. I get depressed when people start telling me I’m adding weight you’d think that will stop me. I will follow you anywhere there’s good food no matter how dodgy, and I’ll ask you to order something different from mine so I can get a taste. There’s no shame in my game.

Money. I love money. Being able to afford whatever I might need and want is a blessing, something I never want to do without so much so that 90% of all those malaria symptoms that spring up from nowhere happen when I’m broke. Money is key.

Writing this just made me realize the many, seemingly little things in my life that gives me joy and I’m grateful for all of them including the ones I couldn’t put down here because I didn’t want to bore you.

Have a fab day.

4 thoughts on “Be happy!

  1. #Powerofmoney#, d tot of a comfortable amount in ma bank account cn make me smile at strangers,dn’t get it twisted n infer dat u can leech ooo🙌.


  2. The next time i see you shivering in the office, i’ll have to ask for your bank statement first before being the doctor that i am. LOL


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