To swallow or not?

WARNING!!! This post is rated 18, reader discretion is advised.

Earlier on I was on Instagram as is normal and I stumbled on #myhoestory and all I can say is mehn!, people are doing things. One particular one struck me because it negates everything I know to be true.

I’m no prude neither do I shy away from inappropriate conversations so I often find myself having conversations about sex with friends and I recall someone saying she was ready to do every other thing apart from swallowing because it wasn’t biblical , I don’t remember a blowjob being given in the bible . Oh well.

Back to this picture, I’ve always thought guys would kill for a woman that swallows what with porn influences and all, I know if I was a guy I would but now this brother man has confused me. Like was he not aware when he came in her mouth? What was he expecting her to do? Where was he expecting her to put it? In a cup? And to think the girl was trying to do right by him…lol, I couldn’t even write that with a straight face. But seriously though, who can help me out here? The funny part is even the reason he was worried, his containers on the high sea. Nigerians and spirituality on the wrong issues sha.

I know this post is all over the place but please indulge me but before you go, ladies what’s the one thing your boo can never convince you to do? Would/Do you swallow? What would you do if you were in this girl’s shoe and guys, dammit do you want us to swallow or not?for blog

8 thoughts on “To swallow or not?

  1. No, i do not swallow(and that doesn’t mean i never have). I’m just not in that category of girls who like to think it tastes like yoghurt, cos it don’t.


  2. Hmmm! African with superstition but to me it’s a normal thing. Ladies pls stop giving guys that dnt appreciate bj or the ones that wouldn’t return ur good work with head I mean 69.


  3. Nne, why Swallow now.???.. even if its 69. Pour it out we will both do the cleaning afterwards. Buh you can mistakenly swallow buh def not a must…


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