The flower that didn’t deserve to die

The house was always untidy and nobody ever seemed to bother, Maybe it was because the cause of the mess was always one person, Zoe. I had never met a more selfish and conceited person but I understood why she always got her way, if you saw her you would understand too. She had a face like an almond and the colour of honey and her voice, sultry and low toned as if she was scared of disturbing the air, the voice that she always used when she needed one of her usual frivolous whims to be met. Poor Telema, that man would let her walk on his head if she asked but no, she wanted to bring her cousin over for a while. Apparently he was in trouble again and his parents were just about tired of him so she wanted him to come stay with them for a while until the storm passed, Telema had never liked that boy, Jude, even though he never told her. He agreed, anything for his baby girl.

On his way to work the next day, he came and changed my water before he left. He had been doing that since Zoe brought me home. She didn’t really want me though but the man at the shop had insisted that a woman like her deserved a pretty flower like me so she had brought me home and dumped me on the kitchen counter until Telema came and found me a vase and water. Immediately I saw him, I didn’t understand what she was doing with him, someone so tender with someone so hard and cold like harmattan. Hours after he left, she walked by all dressed up and returned with the Jude. He wasn’t what I was expecting what with the way Telema talked about him to whoever he was on the phone with two days ago, instead he was tall and tanned with a face that looked like he had never smiled in his life and …wait! Did he just tap her ass? *gasp* he just did it again, what’s going on? And she’s just standing there laughing, and wrapping her arms around his neck, and tip toeing, she’s kissing him! Wow, this house is more interesting than the garden and even the flower shop. Incest is something I didn’t see even at the shop and I saw a lot of things.

I think I hear someone coming but I’m not so sure and these two have passed the point where sound that is not from either of them exist. I’m surprised all this noise is coming from her, I’ve been here for a week and two days and had never heard her this animated.  Now I’m sure whoever it is is getting closer as are these two as their moans are getting even louder and just as she lets out a piercing scream, the door opens and in walks Telema looking his usual calm self. This guy is beginning to get on my nerves, how do you see another man deep inside your fiancée and still look so calm? I see Zoe struggling between the dreamy afterstate of being had so thoroughly and fear but the fear prevails as she tries to cover herself with her shirt while begging, she’s kneeling now and crying but he says nothing. Jude doesn’t even move, except to say “I told you, she’s not going to be a loss”

Now I’m confused, did they just commit incest or not?, what does Jude mean? And why the hell is Telema so calm? And then it happened, all too quickly. One moment I saw Zoe standing and walking towards Telema, still in tears, she’s close to him now almost at the kitchen counter when I see it, a gun. He’s holding a gun! He still doesn’t move, he just keeps looking from her to Jude and then he hits her and she comes crashing into me sending me across the floor, my vase broken. She’s sprawled on the floor beside me, bleeding from left side of her head where the blow landed, I’m withering away but I have to understand. I see Jude , finally up, taking the gun from Telema and shooting at Zoe. He shot her three times, each time calling Telema a weakling.

I don’t understand, I’m dying. She’s dead. She doesn’t deserve my death or does she? Did we really belong together after all??

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