But you didn’t

Today was the craziest busy fun day I’ve had in while. The time is 10:46pm and I’m tired out of my mind nursing a sound headache but I didn’t post anything yesterday so here we are.

So I was having a discussion with my colleagues today and somehow we started talking about Linda Ikeji and her successes and one girl just said she’s busy making money instead of her to go and marry, the drink I was having suddenly tasted bitter. I will never understand our fascination with marriage in this country, it honestly amuses me. Why is a woman’s success never enough until she’s married? Like that nonsense I heard one time, a man hit a woman’s car and damaged it and all he had to say was that she should go and call her husband as important issues couldn’t be discussed with a woman. He was lucky he met a soft person, I would have reversed and hit his car so hard he wouldn’t believe it. Call me childish or whatever, that’s totally your business.

Also I’ve noticed that when we see someone doing something and being successful at it, we’re quick to attribute their success to something negative. You see a guy getting money, you say he’s a scammer or a girl is building a name for herself and you say she’s sleeping with Alhaji. Aunty, you didn’t find Alhaji too? All the people you’ve been sleeping with where has it carried you to? Oh you’ve not slept with anybody, good for you. Let’s see you transform your virginity into success. If other peoples successes irk you that much then you have serious problems.

Finally, if someone does something and instead of you to congratulate the person, you’re saying the person is not doing anything special, that you can do it and all the lies you tell yourself then I have just four words for you ; coulda, woulda, shoulda, DIDN’T !!!!!

One thought on “But you didn’t

  1. That girl is definitely one of the asoebi ‘killjoys’. They see you tryina be successful and they go “it’s not all about this, when are we getting the asoebi”


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