Faking it

I went to a pharmacy once to get malaria drugs and got accompanied there by two friends, Kenny and Juliet. While the pharmacist was getting my prescription, Juliet said she wanted to buy contraceptives. We all knew she just wanted to see what one actually looked like and before we knew it, we were checking out lubricants, condoms and every other thing and the kind pharmacist was having a good time explaining their importance.

We left but still kept on with the discussion and somehow started talking about orgasms and Kenny said most women have never experienced orgasm. I was sick and when I’m sick I’m pathetic but I pitied these “most women”. I know they’ve been drumming it in our heads since like forever that it’s a man’s world but that still doesn’t explain why you people will not guide a man that doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.

One thing I know is that for a large percentage of women, the decision to finally let a guy get it is often a difficult one so it makes no sense that you’ll settle for a less than a very happy ending. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed by two people, not just one except of course it’s mutually agreed on but it’s essentially to be enjoyed by two people.

The only thing that’s worse than not getting an orgasm is faking it . I mean, if you were broke and someone gifted you with a large amount of cash no strings attached, would you refuse it? Would you say “no thank you, I’m fine” when you know you’re anything but fine? No. so why pretend like you’re fine and dandy when you aren’t? Plus how do you ever hope to get one when he thinks he’s beating that shii up. Help him to help you.

Guys, pride goeth before a disgraceful crash. Listen to her, watch out for her pleasure spots. it doesn’t even matter that you’ve bedded 99 women because believe it or not, all women are not the same, what works for one will completely turn another off. Also, please be patient. We know it doesn’t take too much for you guys to get off so if you must, get started on her first. Nobody likes a wham-bam-thank-you somebody, put some effort. Foreplay people, foreplay.

Don’t be a statistic and when people say fake it till you make it, they sure as hell weren’t talking about this.

Have you ever faked it ladies? and guys do you know when she’s faking it?

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