Protect yourself

I was reading something earlier on and this girl was asking if it was wrong to carry male condoms in your handbag around because you never know what may happen and trust Nigerians with their holy hypocritical anger, they almost chewed her head off, some even went as far as calling her a slut.

In an ideal world, people will abstain from sex till they are married but this isn’t an ideal world. We can’t keep pretending like people aren’t having sex, or that diseases aren’t real. Yeah fine, the bible says sex is for married people only but the bible also says lying is bad but heifers keep lying.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard a girl getting pregnant when she and the guy weren’t ready or worse still, contracting different kinds of diseases that somebody cannot even pronounce so it’s shocking that a girl decides to take charge of protecting her body from all those guys that will be giving excuse of not having a condom at hand to smash raw but these same people will be the ones to crucify her when shit hits the roof because she wasn’t protected.

I know it’s easy to say abstain but c’mon, that you can go years without sex doesn’t mean someone else is. Grace is different, allow someone to evolve at their pace all ye Judge Judy’s.

Women, don’t let anyone tell you how to protect/ preserve your body. When things go wrong, most of the time they’ll leave you to deal with it.

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