Shitty kinda day

There’s no point to this post, well today has not been so pleasant. My laptop and phone chargers got burnt (the second time in one month) and I couldn’t get a new one because the guy that I wanted to buy from didn’t want to test it so I’d be sure it’s working, so now I’m forced to type this from my phone and it’s annoying as hell.

Also, someone I had cancelled plans for turned out to be a no show with a sickening attitude to boot. Aaaaaargh!! I’m so pissed off I could cry. Thinking about it, I really shouldn’t have answered that call this morning , dude just infused bad vibes into my day. All these evil people, I bind you biko.

It wasn’t all that bad sha, just put on my phone and saw a message from my friend reminding me that she loves me, I love you too baby even though I’m a tad worried . Why so moist? Lol don’t mind me, that’s probably the highlight of my day so, thank you.

Okay, rant over. At least I can upload a post so we thank God for little mercies.

Hope your day went better than mine. Do tell, your comments drive me.

2 thoughts on “Shitty kinda day

  1. Since I’m reading this late, I’ll tell you about today. I’m still lying in bed, trying to make up my mind on what to eat….


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