Wife Material

What type of fabric is a wife material? How many yards of this fabric will count as acceptable wife material? Why do you assume someone wants to be this particular material to you?

You’ll meet a cute guy that looks like there’s a brain behind all that hair and before you know it you’re caught in an interview/inspection type situation that you didn’t sign up for. Fellas, there are some things you have no business asking on a first date. Top of that list is the infamous “are you a virgin?” question, except the date escalated to the point where you’re about to bury yourself in her and you’re asking to know how fast/slow to go. A close second is the “can you cook?”. Really? Are you done asking about my background, education, hobbies, normal date questions ? Every guy that has ever asked me that has always been told “NO” with my most deadpan look. One dude my friend was trying to set me up with actually told her there wasn’t ever a time he’d call and I’d say I was cooking, we had talked countless times o but my friend was the perfect “material measuring ” medium he could find.

I know someone is reading it and yinmu-ing at the thought of how long I’ll stay single but that’s not why I’m here, you cannot be setting foolish standards that you cannot even meet for somebody. Why have I never heard of husband material? As if it’s me that doesn’t want someone that cooks up a storm or has the account balance of a drug Lord but will I ask you to show me your bank statement or ask how much you’re earning?

Meet the requirement of your requirement. You cannot be 50 naira handkerchief material and be looking for 100 yards of chord lace. Are you a thief???

4 thoughts on “Wife Material

  1. Lmao. This actually got me laughing really hard. 50naira handkerchief matriarch and 100yards chord lace πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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