Bucket list

A bucket list is a compilation of things you hope to do before you die. I can call myself a bucket list queen at this point, I have lists for EVERYTHING. Honestly, writing things down help them happen faster for me. So far I’ve had songs written about me, being driven in an extremely fast car, joined a modelling agency, eaten fucked up things, started this blog (this is the the one thing I kept pushing back), had a drawing of me (thanks babe), fallen in love (I didn’t hesperred this one sha) and a whole lot of other stuff.

I’ll just go on and list other things I’d like to do in the near and distant future

  1. I would love to eat food prepared by a celebrity chef.
  2. Eat in a food challenge (I know I’ll not win but think of all that food)
  3. Slow dance with him
  4. Start my business (I want this to happen yesterday)
  5. Go on vacation with just my girls
  6. Do cool stuff like buy someone a house/car just because
  7. Record a song (I can’t sing but did anybody ask my opinion when limpopo was produced? )
  8. Be wealthy, not in experiences please. Be money wealthy
  9. Publish a book (lol, okay o)
  10. Have my wedding on a weekday, in the middle of the day.
  11. Travellllllll
  12. Learn to be more forgiving (this one will take a lot)
  13. Deleting people’s number and blocking them everywhere has to stop.
  14. I want a G-wagon in black,white and matte silver (birthday gift ideas o)
  15. Learn to slay my makeup (I’ve watched all the videos but eyebrows perfection still eludes me *sigh*)
  16. Have my IG grow to the point where bleaching creams and sex toys are being advertised on my page
  17. Watch Rihanna live in concert
  18. And Phyno. (auto correct doesn’t know Phyno???)
  19. Maintain the right balance between not giving up too fast and not holding on too long
  20. I’m not there yet but I want my proposal to melt my cold heart
  21. Experiment with my hair more
  22. Do a short stint at being a relationship “expert” ( I enjoy giving advice I don’t follow)
  23. Achieve washboard abs without all that exercise
  24. Shed a Lil bit more weight and remain like that ti ti lai lai.                    Etc etc.

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