I can’t believe this, our very own hoestory. Okay, when I wrote this To swallow or not,  it was hilarious and very many people liked it. Well, one person liked it enough to decide to send in hers and I had a good time reading and laughing. PhotoGrid_1472321726290I’ve been trying to imagine how the girl lying and the guy standing position works, sounds a lil uncomfortable.

And that guy sha, sly person. Looking at her getting drunk enough to be comfortable or was she trying to get drunk enough to go through with it? Who knows?

Anyways, thanks for sending it in. You really made my day especially the part where you said you were too tired, Kai lazy people walking the earth. Lol

Anyone else that wants me to speak on something, anything, I have my contact deets on the blog. Link up.


One thought on “#Hoestory

  1. I just thought i should be the first to comment… Still laughing at what’s written there, like I can’t get myself to believe all that shit, SMH.


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