Aduke’s Tears 2

Bimpe was the coolest of all the cool kids, from her dreadlocks, her cat eye sunnies to her retro-inspired outfits, it was no wonder the level of control she had over almost everyone that met her.

That wasn’t all about her though, she was smart. In her department she was the favourite of almost all her lecturers , she and Aduke the conservative girl with her dull coloured clothes. She liked her because she was intelligent, she had never liked dumb girls.

It was a new session which meant new rooms and roommates. Bimpe hated hostels but that’s what her parents wanted so that was that. To her surprise, she realized Aduke was to be one of her roommates, she had seen her name and matriculation number Β written boldly on an A4 paper and placed on a mattress in the room. Just for laughs she decided to replace it with one in her name, just to shake the quiet girl up a bit. To her disappointment when she moved in a week later , Aduke had taken another space. No fight, no nothing.

Initially, Aduke had kept her distance until Bimpe decided to stop trying .When she was being left out of discussions, outings, and everything else she started being friendly. It wasn’t long till she and Bimpe became fast friends, going to lectures, cafeteria , everywhere else together. People wondered what they saw in each other, they were as different as water and oil. Aduke didn’t have any vice that anyone knew of but Bimpe smoked, like a chimney.

That was the only thing Aduke didn’t like about her, the weed. When she wasn’t eating, sleeping or reading /lectures, she was smoking and Aduke had grown tired of begging her to stop. On Bimpe’s side she was tired of explaining how relaxed smoking made her feel so she decided to show her.

That afternoon she cooked noodles, something Aduke would never refuse and put a generous amount of the new batch of weed she just got. Her dealer told her this was a stronger variety, she hadn’t smoked it yet but that guy was always telling tall tales. Aduke came in and the sight of the still steaming noodles dragged her to the floor. In less than five minutes she was done eating and even requested for another serving.

It wasn’t long before she slept, right there on the floor. “You or the baby will survive, not both. I’m sorry”, the doctor said as she cried and touched her protruded belly. Someone entered the room and banged the door, waking her up with a start. It took her some seconds to remember where and who she was, Bimpe was the first person she saw when her eyes cleared. “I just had the strangest dream ever” she said.As she recounted the dream to her, Bimpe laughed, and laughed and smoked. “He wasn’t playing this time” she thought.




















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