If that ain’t the truth. A large percentage of relationships are still existing because partners don’t have access to each other’s phones. I’ve read of situations where one person goes through the partners phone and finds unpleasant things and people go “why did you check his/her phone?” “what were you looking for?” “where’s the trust”, una well done o.

For someone like me, my phone is like my replica. One good look and you’ll know my interests, hobbies, sense of humour, basically a whole lot of information so I wonder why I cannot go through somebody’s phone o. In fact, if I ask to go through your phone because you’re my man or prospective man and you refuse, that’s it o. You guys have seen what I look like, the only thing I can struggle for is food before one aunty from somewhere will come and be dragging man with me.

For those of you that always shout “where’s the trust” up and down the damn place, lemme ask you something. Why do you believe and trust in God apart from your parents influence? Because you have the Bible to tell you of his awesomeness abi. Well since you don’t have a bible written about you, can you sit your ass down and pass me your phone?

If you’ve noticed, this isn’t about going through your partners phone in their absence and without their knowledge. No, it’s about having access to their phones whenever you need to without it turning into a battle.

For the life of me I can’t understand how you’ll be comfortable exchanging every body fluid imaginable but ordinary phone password is wahala. Don’t accuse your partner of being insecure, get rid of whatever evil you’re involved in or leave somebody’s child alone. Ahan!!!!



One thought on “Password

  1. Hehehe. This topic interests me so very well. I need to have access to your phone, not because i want to snoop buh because it should just be natural. I should be able to conveniently pick your phone and go through your pictures without your heart skipping a beat. The good thing tho is that we know each other’s passcodes(it’s even my name, easier!)


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