I See the Future.

What would you do if you find out you’re actually reading about you and your life pages into a book. Would you continue reading or would you prefer to be surprised? Honestly, I would stop reading immediately not for any other reason but my not wanting to be influenced by whatever I read. That’s the same way I feel about some prophecies.

In my second or third year in the University, I can’t recall the exact period, one of my coursemates gave me one of such prophecies. Apparently she had been searching for my number under rocks until she finally saw me, pulled me out of class and showed me one crumpled up paper where she wrote down the vision. So she claimed that she had been fasting and at the end when she was making the final prayers to round up the fast, she saw a vision about me. In the vision, she was told to tell me that there were forces kicking against the completion of my degree programme and that I needed to go to a man of God for prayers. I didn’t know if I was going to die before I graduate or I was just going to keep failing courses and be trapped in school but I was scared shitless.

For a long time I kept thinking about what she said and I think that was the semester I had a carryover course and one omitted result. I then started to strongly consider going to a pastor (she said a pastor, not a priest) but then I remembered what my priest said one time. He said people always came to him for prayers because someone saw bad visions about them and he asked why they never saw visions of them getting that job, that house, just good things in general and he asked that we reject such unhealthy proclamations over our lives. ON THE SPOT!. Because if we didn’t they’ll begin to fester in our minds and the Law of Attraction will take over the rest. I just had to borrow myself some sense, there was no way I was going to make myself easy prey for seers that cannot even see a foot in front of them. So I prayed and forgot about it even when I kept having academic challenges, I just prayed. I graduated at the time I was supposed to too.

Another time, I followed a friend to his church. After the extremely long service (10-4pm), the pastor got my details. He called me weeks later to come to the church as something was revealed to him about me, something serious. I asked him to say it over the phone or just text me and he refused because of it’s seriousness. I never went back there, if it was that serious he should have just said it.

I don’t have anything against prophecies but these days one has to be watchful because it’s so easy to get sucked up in always speaking to one prophet before doing anything and before you know you’re not even living life, just merely existing and breaking eggs by 6 am in front of your gate or bathing in soft drinks (don’t ask).

Pray for the Spirit to lead you. It’s discerning game is too strong.

4 thoughts on “I See the Future.

  1. I tot it’s jst me,i’m nt a fan of such scary prophecies too,mayb bcos most pple dnt usually walk up 2 ordas 2 say dey dreamt of dem being d biggest shot in dia profession or gettin sumtin dey rily desire,it jst gatta be sumtin negative,d ones dat evn hav gud 2 say probably wants 2 exploit such a person in return,its jst beta 2 pray for the spirit to lead one aright.


  2. Such prophecies usually thrive on fear…
    1 of such ppl actually prophesied blindly to my dad telling him God has decided to hear his cry 4 kids..
    My dad has no chill ooo he laughed into d guys face nd told him he has 5 children already..
    Dis doesn’t mean der r no true prophets ooo but d key word is discernment..
    Kudos hun!!!!


  3. I’m more concerned about that course mate that gave the prophesy 😑😑. I don’t have a thing against prophesies, or wait, I DO!! Why don’t i get to see the prophesy myself? Or why does it always have to be negative? Please i need someone to see a prophesy concerning one guy that I’m saying currently, so I’ll know if i should just leave!


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