How difficult are you to date?

Lol, this will be hard to pick.

I’m an emotional person so most times I get overly emotional about really silly things. I’m trying to think up scenarios to buttress this but none is forthcoming at the moment.

Also, I don’t know how to pretend. When I’m pissed off you’ll know, well if you know me well enough you’ll know. The few times I tried playing like I wasn’t upset, it ended horribly because I’ll keep acting like everything’s okay then snap when you text me 2 minutes later than you said you would.

I’m easy to please but I have my own things you have to do to please me. I have a list I wasn’t even aware of until recently with which I compare you against. It’s a terrible thing and I’m trying to be better. Baby steps.

I want what I want and I want it now. Waiting is not a concept I’m familiar with.

I’m a romantic. I know, this shouldn’t be a bad thing but when you’re dating someone that is on the other end of the spectrum it becomes a challenge. It’s like, do I tone it down or do I continue in the hopes that he’ll learn by example?

I’m so very sarcastic.

I have all these memes on my phone that I find hilarious but is really offensive to the other person. I’ve not still found a solution to this.

I want attention all the time. Everytime!!!

I like to laugh, a lot. It might be at my expense or yours but if something’s funny, I can’t not laugh. Plus I have a weird sense of humour.

Okay I’ll stop here before you guys begin to think I have problems. He loves me this way. With the way I drive him crazy, he still thinks I’m perfect.

Spill guys, what’s the hardest part about dating you? I cannot be the only one with issues here o.Β 

8 thoughts on “How difficult are you to date?

  1. Indeed! Hope = Very weird sense of humour.
    So my turn…this shouldn’t be up here, but well..hehehe
    I’m very emotional as well. I love attention too. I’d hardly tell you when you hurt me; I’ll just sit back and act weird and hope you’ll know why. I easily feel like people take my “niceness” for granted (I’m working on this tho’). So you might be in trouble a lot. Knowingly or unknowingly.


  2. Some of these are me too!! Makes me feel better. I’m trying to get a handle on some of it cause I know I’m being unrealistic or too much. It’s a work in progress but I think making me a better person


  3. Lol..
    I hav some cranky moments wen I’m capable of turning any silly tin into an issue nd I’m as moody as a cloudy sky….
    At such times. I want u to just leave me alone nd don’t even try to say any tin funny..D crazy part is dat if u dare leave me to myself like I want at dat point, U r in 4 loooooong trouble


  4. I’m as difficult as humans come sometimes…
    I can be as moody as a cloudy sky nd as such tyms,I am more cranky dan an old lady…
    At such tyms,dont dare joke wit me or try to make me laugh,let me be nd don’t try to let me be..lol


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