Sour Stanley

I literally just entered this office, I don’t have time for this shit.

So there’s this dude that comes to see one of my bosses almost everyday, we don’t talk apart from the normal pleasantries. That was until last week. I was illl so I wasn’t at the office, when I resumed he came to ask of my wellbeing and all, he got my number too. Now, he calls the next day around 7am when I’m inside a bus heading to work. Normally, except you’re my parent or my boyfriend I don’t answer calls when I’m in a noisy place because talking becomes stressful but I answered and as expected I wasn’t hearing a word of what he was saying so I hung up. I really planned on calling him later but it slipped my mind. I still saw him at work, greeted him and thought everything was fine.

That was up until about 20 minutes ago. I walked in, saw him, said hi and went about my business and then he yells my name from the comfort of my boss’Β office. I really didn’t understand because I’d like to think my office is a civilized place, besides none of my bosses have Ever called anyone like that. I could feel the animosity immediately I walked in. He asked me to sit and then proceeded to embark on the most senile drivel I’ve heard in a long while talking about how he deleted my number because he doesn’t like being disrespected (umm okay), he doesn’t want to date me (lol dude I didn’t think so), I should have called back or mention it when I saw him (it slipped my mind, honestly) . I was trying to tell him how wrong he was and that I didn’t mean no disrespect but then he told me to stop shouting. I do not have a soft voice and I sure as hell wasn’t shouting . Then he starts saying if he wants to raise his voice yada yada yada, I didn’t even realize it was a competition and truthfully, I was over it so I asked him to tone down the animosity and he said I insulted him by calling him rude. Sigh, like I asked him to tone it down because he was such a fucking ray of sunshine. Then he put on his headset and I walked away, away from the temptation of dragging it out and stomping on it with my heels. I’m sure my guardian angel was proud.

Some people are just sour grapes looking for people’s sweetness to contaminate. I bind you biko.

Maybe, just maybe fucking will help. Just saying.

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