Baby boy Pastor.

Does it taste like hardship? Like travelling from Idimu, Lagos all the way to cannanland every week? Like taking public transport to church/weekly meetings while the Daddy lands in his Jet and body guarded down to his own church? Like being put on suspension because you’re dating Susan in Choir department and you’re the choir master but Daddy gets to promise us a robust reply when his illicit affair become public notice? Or even like not being able to afford the expensive tuition of your church’s University after all the years you’ve worshipped there?

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”, Nigerians favourite passage when confronted with shit their spiritual leaders do that make no sense. Well, I’m not touching your prized jewel, I’m only asking questions. Every street has more than five churches but look at us, we’re a bunch of wicked, selfish, material, self-serving people.img_20160908_094425_edit

I’m not saying a pastor should suffer or be poor, I’m saying they should Pastor, lead their flock like Jesus led, with love and the necessary stern hand. We too sha, worship God not your pastor. He’s a Man of God. Man. Therefore he’s not infallible. Only God is.

Let’s try to understand the Word for ourselves too sometimes, maybe Daddy is tired from all that time spent shopping for the right Gucci bag but you don’t think about that do you? You only think about yourself.

2 thoughts on “Baby boy Pastor.

  1. I think Ecclesiastes tastes like Daddy telling what and what not to give to God cos it’s not ‘worthy’. Or Daddy telling me to break up with a man who hasn’t hurt me one bit just because he ‘saw’ it(i wonder why me, the owner of the life didn’t see tho). Or daddy telling me to dip my hand into my bag and donate my private school tuition fee(cos it’s a lot) for the ‘pastors shower’. Sigh! Holier than the pope Nigerians, when will we ever learn?


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