Things to buy instead of an IPhone 7

So the IPhone 7 and 7+ launched some days ago and people are going crazy. The 7 comes in jet black, matte, silver, gold and I think pink. It’s really sleek and all but at $749 (314,580 naira) for the 128g storage space and our current economic recession, it’s fucking expensive.

Here’s a list of alternative ways to spend that money:

Two years house rent and change to spare in my current apartment

A Masters degree program in a federal University

A plot of land in Ogun state

If you’re a baller, 5 nights in Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Dstv subscription for 22 months (premium bouquet)

A weekend in Dubai

According to Nairaland, there are many second hand cars between 300-350k

Obviously you know you can start a business

Lol, I could go on but that’d just be borderline bad belle, that’s not to say if someone were to gift me one I’d refuse. I mean, have you seen that phone?? *insert love eyes emoji*

let’s keep the list going, what do you think an IPhone 7 can buy?


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