Wedding Privacy.

Yesterday I read about actress Genevieve Nnaji’s alleged cancelled wedding due to her insistence on keeping it private. I don’t want to go into details but I really pray it’s a lie because she’s someone I love and nobody deserves such.

I’ve always said I want a private wedding. Most girls I know already know what their wedding dress is going to look like, the venue and every other detail. All I know is I want a small wedding with minimal stress. All these asoebi something, different groups wearing different materials and what not is not my cup of tea but best believe the slayage will be live.

In fact, let me even write it out.

My dream wedding will have ONLY family and friends, well wishers can send a text or something. I don’t have many friends so that’s not an issue and if my husband (lol, feels weird) does, then he better pick the ones that matter most. The church service itself will be as brief as possible, we won’t be waiting for anyone because it’s not our special day someone will use to test African time theory and we’ll be saying our own vows. At the reception, we’re not doing couples entrance anything. It’s our wedding, entertain us. I see all these IG videos of people doing the most, if I have to go through such lengths to be fun then I’m charging an entrance fee. I’ll be sitting with my husband watching you all dance in, laughing, clapping and generally feeling good. Then the MC has to respect himself/herself, I’m not kneeling to feed my husband cake because the reception dress will not have allowance for that. Don’t worry, I’ll sit on his lap. The father daughter dance will be to a hip Naija pangolo song, my dad is an expert on all Nigerian cool dance steps. My husband and I will be in our cocoon of love throughout. Ehen, the gifts, all those plastics that have no use will have to go. I might probably select useful items at different stores that I’d like so guests will buy from there. When we finally take the stage to dance, please give us space especially for the first dance. You can come and spray money in the subsequent dances and I know there’s no way he’s dancing better than me plus the fact that he’s already my husband so the grinding will be without shame. Food, food, food.

And then after all this mouth, just two of my mother’s meeting members will exceed my dream guest list, then people will invite other people and somebody will wear white and people will group and buy asoebi I didn’t send them and it will become a proper Naija wedding, aka a circus. Sigh.

One thing I’m sure of though is crying at my wedding because it’s a miracle it’s happening.

I know some of you read my posts and smile and think you dropped a comment. Well, you didn’t. Communicate with me people, please na.

11 thoughts on “Wedding Privacy.

  1. Beg me or else i’m wearing white on dat day,i have new collections of white just so u knw.
    Ps:Evn if u’ll hav a bouncer in dat day,u knw it won’t work on me.


  2. If I have ever seen someone’s head so full of weirdness then I didn’t seee you then, yours is epic and trust me. This your wedding please keep invite for me cause I want to learn this wedding trend from you for my own wedding. Lol. ( in my head am asking which year sef)


  3. Nigga!! You better pull a beyonce formation stage dance with your girls(me). All these things you’re saying is story. I’ll still be the one shouting at the top of my voice while you and your husband entertain us with dance. Oh, btw, i already bought the aso ebi I’m selling. Also, i ordered the plastic souvenir cups!


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