Repentance & Restitution.

There are some things I read that makes me feel like there’s no way I’m making heaven.img_20160911_141651

I read this and it annoyed me, I get being repentant and asking for forgiveness from people you wronged but willingly dropping out in the third year of a four year course because you cheated your way in is incredulous to me. Is repentance not enough? I mean, what if you got a child out of wedlock, do you get to throw the child away because restitution?

My friend told me about a church she attended one time. The pastor called out a young man and started saying how he knew the guy didn’t believe in God and prophecies, how he was a cultist, how his cult members killed his dad and raped his sister and a whole lot of other stuff and that he needed to go confess to his family. IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CHURCH. I think that was too sensitive to act out before everyone for points and personally, if I were that guy’s sister I would rather he asks God for forgiveness, make his peace and die with that terrible secret.

This confession of wrongs, who does it really benefit? Why do you think someone should automatically forgive you just because you’re sorry and your conscience is killing you? I think there are some things that should never be confessed, talk to God Fam and move on. Better your conscience kills you than making someone commit murder or you can even write it down, believe me it’s really therapeutic. Just don’t forget to burn the paper immediately (people charge for advice like this) .

All in all, don’t be a selfish person. I know confessing transfers the burden to the other person but be considerate of that person’s emotional strength. As long as you’re genuinely sorry and have made up your mind not to do it again I don’t see why you’ll be opening your mouth anyhow. There are some things you just have to die with. That’s penance enough.

Have you ever confessed to a grievous offence? What was the other person’s reaction? Would you do it again? Do you believe there’s no repentance without restitution? 

4 thoughts on “Repentance & Restitution.

  1. Well, call him a fanatic, but I think dude already made his decision. You see, this repentance of a thing is personal and most persons who has it would just try to keep up with it, I really do no not judge him for what he did, neither do I know if I’ll have the nerve to do such. Oh well, this world is vanity they say.
    P.S. you’re doing a great job.


  2. Before i continue, just know I’m trying hard not to type an epistle.
    Immediately i saw this post’s topic, i got scared for a min. Why? I thought you were gon preach about restitution and why i should go around ‘restituting’ all the wrongs I’ve done. Thank you for disappointing me.
    This restitution of a thing pisses me of. Oh please don’t get me wrong. It’s very right to right whatever wrong you’ve done. It’s good to ask for forgiveness. Buh the question is ‘from who?’
    I attended a fellowship program once and the invited ‘man of God’ started making some alter calls. ‘there’s a girl here, you’ve had four abortions and you currently do not have a womb. You met a guy here (it was a camp) and you guys are supposed to have sex this night. The lord asked me to call you out to the alter for restitution’. After about 10mins,no one came out and I’m like ‘bro, you really were expecting her to come out?’. I think he coulda easily asked her to see him after the service or better still, told her to go on a 7days fast for forgiveness or something like that. But telling her to shame herself publicly, i don’t think my God would do that. Long story short, some of these alter calls piss me off.
    To your question, yes, I’ve confessed to a grievous offense and no, i would never do it again. Cos quite frankly, it wasn’t necessary!


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