Sexting…How to

Do you send sexts? Don’t know what that is? A sext is a sexually explicit message or image you send to someone usually over phone.

Now I know people that say they would never because they’re not porn stars and prostitutes but I also know people that don’t have a problem with it. I’m one of those “don’t have a problem with it people “. I used to one time though, just like I used to hate when people say “fuck” when speaking to me. Lol, look at me now. Staying on the topic though, I have been asked by someone whether she should send her boyfriend nudes and stuff (I don’t really know why people ask me stuff like this) and all I can say is if you have to ask someone, don’t.

Sexts are personal and private stuff you send to someone because you love them, want to make them happy, or you’re probably just freaky like that (the best) and no one can really tell you if you should or shouldn’t, not even the recipient. Lowkey there’s the fear of someone else seeing it or *gasp* having it leaked by him/her when/if things go sour. This is where I go caps crazy, IF YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST FEELING THAT THE UNGRATEFUL MF IS CAPABLE OF DOING THAT, DON’T but if you still want to regardless of that gut feeling because you’re not really thinking straight then at least protect yourself.

Don’t show your face (this is a no-brainer)

If you have identifiable birthmarks, tattoos, then cover those too

Don’t show everything mate, you’re really not a porn star. Leave small something to the imagination, it’s even more effective that way. Trust me on this.

Don’t send pictures of yourself to an idiot

Don’t even have anything to do with an idiot

Get something in return. Nobody gives anything without getting something, not even Santa (you have to sit on his lap and shit) so don’t be shy to ask. What am I saying? Why the hell should you even be shy?

I’m telling you, idiots are not cool

Or you could totally refuse to and save yourself the stress of thinking of how you’ll raise money to pay him off if he ever blackmails you.

If someone ever tried to blackmail me by promising to leak sexual pictures or videos of me, I don’t think I’d mind much. I mean, my body is not shabby although I’d probably hurt him reaaaaallllly bad before he even has the chance but that’s just me.



9 Replies to “Sexting…How to”

  1. Lol, At some point, I thought sexting was wrong.. Winks… Protect yourself before any MF leaks it.. Some times I just wonder, you had fun share Nude and one werey will now leak it.. Immaturity i see there.. Nice read. Go Olly!!!


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