The last time I cried.

About 10 minutes ago. Before then, Thursday when I had to leave work because I was ill and had to tell the pharmacist how I was feeling. I didn’t even know when the tears dropped. Helpless.

Today though I cried because I was overwhelmed, in a good way. I’ve been watching videos of singing auditions all morning and I couldn’t just help myself. People are talented in this life sha. At first, I was just blown away by the voices then I gradually started to feel and the best part? The reactions of their family and friends backstage, the hope on their faces and the pride. Oh, the pride. Amazing stuff.

Morning well spent!

I’ll not get tired of trying to get you guys to communicate. Just so you’re clear, this relationship is by force!

PS: no, I didn’t go to church.

PPS: I’m tired of being sick so now I’m sick and tired, literally. (dry joke, I’m not even sorry)

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