I’ve lost something. Something bright with shimmers and light. Something I had looked for and had before. Something that found me again.

I’ve lost something. Something so hot, it always burnt. Something that wasn’t supposed to lose its fury. Something that was always meant to warm me.

I’ve lost something, of the coolest kind, magic and fairy. Something’s whispers and something’s laugh, always there to calm the thunder.

I’ve lost something. I really have. I had it just now and now I don’t. I had it finally or so I thought. I had it in my head and heart, I’m sure of that.

I threw other things away, I swear I did. I had something, I didn’t need others. Do you understand why I’m sad? I’ve lost something so I have nothing.

This is not the movies, there won’t be another something lying around waiting to be owned. At least not the kind I lost, the kind I held, the kind I kissed even in my dreams.

I’ve lost something. Something that wasn’t mine to lose. Something I’ll forever mourn.


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