Another Hashtag!

I don’t even get what’s going on. Another day, another statistic. How do cops get to kill black men like ants but have enough “humanity” to take care not to kill someone suspected to be a bomber? Dude was killed for “looking like a bad guy”, I’m not even kidding, that’s the reason his killer gave. Wtf does that even mean??! After someone will tell me racism is dead. Who killed it? A friend told me how a German immigration official threatened to shoot him or something and get away with it. He was just a child and the official wasn’t lying, he’d have gotten away with it.

And if you think it isn’t your problem because you’re here in Nigeria, sorry for you. A white man will walk into your favourite restaurant with his security personnel aka Nigerian police and will force you out of your table, where you’re seated with your family and you’ll either leave sheepishly or try to stand up for yourself and get brutalized or even killed by the people that were paid to protect you from your taxpayers money.

Racism is real, as real as slavery and I’m tired the fuck out!.



















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