A world of superheroes

Seems we’re still evolving as a race. Whether you believe that the world came to be through the Big Bang or you hold on to the Bible’s account of creation (which by the way I think are the same stories told from different dimensions) , one thing you cannot argue about is that as a people, we’ve come a long way from millions of years ago.

I love superhero movies and I always imagined what would happen if we could actually mutate and how the world would be like filled with amazing people with amazing abilities. Well, according to science we’re already evolving. Just not having claws come out of our bodies or being able to control the weather (tell that to Nigerian rainmakers).

Now genes are mutating, some leading to diseases like sickle cell anemia, cancer, leukemia etc while others are beneficial or just have no noticeable effect. Β For instance when the cells do not fully mutate giving rise to sickle cell anemia, it actually offers protection or resistance against Malaria to unaffected carriers (meaning people with one mutant copy and one normal copy of the beta globin gene). Also, we’re generally more resistant to diseases than say 50,000 years ago (I know, hard to believe) but it seems we’re developing gene variations that protect us better from diseases.

Also, wisdom teeth have become something you can do away with if you please. According to archaeological history, our ancestors had bigger jaws to accommodate the various shit load of nuts, meats, bones and whatever else they ate which bore down their teeth and somehow the universe responded with extra set of molars to help their life. The wisdom teeth. With industralization and civilization came easier food options and cutlery to help us better tackle the tougher ones. I have 28 teeth that I’m grateful for and I don’t want more. There’s just no space in my mouth please.

According to some studies, our brains are shrinking and have been over the last 30,000 years. While some say it’s because we’re in fact getting dumber because, civilization and the fact that we no longer have to fight to survive and life is generally easier causing us to be complacent in our thinking, others say it’s because our brains are getting more efficient , that is, helps us work faster, be less animalistic while taking up less room. I personally like this version.

While I would like to have Real superhero abilities, I acknowledge that to the people that lived years ago, this age is filled with them. So I’ll console myself that my superpower is the ability to tidy up a house in an insanely short time and umm, walk in 7 inch heels.

But it would be mad cool to achieve invisibility and teleport abilities.

what’s your superpower and which you have loved to have if it were possible?Β 

NB : please science people, don’t be offended with me for the simplistic manner this is written. Science-ey words are hard and headache inducing.

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