I thought after the Aluu 4 were killed by a mob for something they didn’t even do that we’d learn our lesson but no, as usual Nigerians don’t learn.

A man was burnt to death today in Lagos for alleged robbery, this is after he had already been shot by the police while trying to escape but the people around, people who had stolen, cheated and defrauded people at one time or the other felt so enraged as to set him ablaze, to commit murder. I won’t be surprised that someone was picking another’s pocket in the process.

Still today in Anambra state, two guys tried to steal motorcycles from the church during 5:30am mass and were caught and almost killed by people just leaving mass. How do you just leave God’s presence and become so beastly? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to hand them over to the proper authorities? World people, judge and jury of everyone else apart from ourselves.

If only we could be this passionate in dealing with our corrupt officials. Why would we? It would affect our campaign rice and party logo crested ankara but at least we can start from being that hard on ourselves.

The country is trying at the moment, you don’t have to become a murderer because of it. Use that energy for something more beneficial. Jungle justice should be left where it belongs, the jungle!

So my dad found out about the blog. I don’t even know how to feel.

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