Going Dutch.

A model colleague asked me to go to a party with her yesterday. We boarded a cab and when we got to our destination, I brought out cash to pay out of habit. She said she brought me out so I didn’t need to bother. People with sense.

When I was in school, my friends and I normally had date nights. It wasn’t frequent because of our different schedules but we all contributed towards it and it was always fun. People with sense.

So in the name of civilization you’ll now call somebody’s child that you want to “hang out” and at the end you’ll expect me to bring out my purse and remove money. People that don’t have sense.

I’ve never experienced this but I know a lot of people have. It’s not fair that you called someone out, picked the place and then get mad when the person doesn’t have money to add. I know life is hard but it’s not that hard that we cannot say what we want, it’s not like you’ll get beaten. If it’s your treat, say it. If you expect the bills to be split say it. The worst that can happen is the person will stay in his/her house.

As a reminder, vex money is not gender specific. Carry it around with you because life happens.

Vex Money : (n) cash you carry out in case of eventualities arising from living and interacting with other people. Origin: I’m guessing it started being a thing when our maternal ancestors were finessed by their men, learnt the hard way and passed on this nugget of wisdom from generation to generation. 

That is not to say women don’t finesse, we’re just smarter about it.

I pray everyday not to meet some types of people and so far, I’ve been blessed.


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