What’s your number?

A body count refers to the number of people one has had sex with and asking someone for theirs is like putting a “lie to me” sign across your forehead. But it still doesn’t stop most people from asking.

I read of a guy asking for advice because his girlfriend had too much skill for someone that claimed to have slept with just two men prior to meeting him. He wanted to know if she was lying as he didn’t think it was possible to be that efficient on minimum experience.

While I wondered if he had ever heard of porn and how possible it is to learn by watching/reading, how he expected strangers to know if she was a liar or not, I also wondered if people really know what they want.

I’ve asked male friends why they bother with knowing a female’s body count and majority of them said it was to gauge her experience and promiscuity levels. Meaning they don’t want a virgin or a “ho”. In essence, she should have experience but not too much. Okay, Nigerian job market.

The thing is, most times people that ask this either can’t take the truth or will judge the shit outta you irrespective of the answer, e.g this guy that should be happy he’s getting it good. We all get introduced to a new topic by our teachers but some people grasp it speedily while others need to be taught over and over again and sometimes complement with private tutorials. Life is like that.

I’ve been asked this lots of times and if you’re a young lady in Nigeria I know you have too. I either don’t answer or just say the truth (depending on how I feel) which surprises them because they think it’s a lie.

Word of advice, if you know he cannot handle the truth as a typical Nigerian and you’ve been around a lot, baby girl the magic number is two. Don’t play yourself.

have you asked someone this question before? Why did you? Have you answered this before? Did you say the truth or a lie? Why? What’s your go-to number? And this last question I need to mail to some people ;why so much interest in someone’s sex life or lack of it????

3 thoughts on “What’s your number?

  1. Yes, I’ve asked someome before
    That’s because i was getting into something deep with the person.
    Yes, I’ve been asked a couple of times
    Yes, i always answer truthfully
    That’s because my answer shocks people, and i love to see the shocked expression.
    I don’t have a go-to number.
    Interest, because I’m an amebo like that.


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