Does Kim have any talent?

During the week I had a conversation with my boss. We talked about various things and Kim Kardashian was one of them.

If you’ve not been sleeping under a rock you probably would have heard of Kim being robbed of jewelry worth $11m (my chest!) in Paris. Well, my boss is one of the millions of people that feels she had it coming. I like Kim so I had to ask the cause of the hate towards her, lots of people hate the lady and her family for no reason.

He actually had reasons, the first being that she flashes her wealth too much. I’ll never understand this reason. What gives someone the right to dictate how someone should act with their money. I know people that did not paint their houses so as not to attract thieves but still got burgled and honestly a poorer person will always see how you spend your money as flaunting.

The other reason he gave was her nudity. According to him, she already has money so why does she need to keep exposing her body. To get more money! There, answered.

Apparently there’s the Kardashian kurse that turns their men to stupid, cheating, lying, sex changing men. Okay o so what’s a regular guy’s excuse seeing as this describes the norm these days??

Then the most confusing reason was that she’s talentless. I don’t think so and I don’t even think anybody is talentless. Saying someone is not using her gifts is miles away from pronouncing the person talentless. Okay let’s even say she is, so should she kill herself because she wasn’t given talent? It’s just like telling me you don’t like me because my eyes are big, please what am I supposed to do? Remove it?

 is talent inborn or developed? What’s Kim k’s talent?

5 thoughts on “Does Kim have any talent?

  1. Wic talent pass to get so many ppl including ur boss watching nd keeping up wit every lil detail abt her????.
    She has no talent sha


  2. What’s Kim k’s talent? Nudity,wch is actually a gud 1 4 her since it pays off.
    Hueva hs a prblm wit her talent shod try showin off dia nudity too n c if dey cn make half of d money she makes✌.
    Ps:I’m nt a fan tho,jst stating d obvious.


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