Ashawo Oshi!!!

Okay, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The rate at which women get called ashawo is alarming. For those that don’t know ashawo means prostitute and in my dear country, it is used whenever a woman acts against other people’s standards or whatever.

I got called ashawo recently by a bus conductor because I gave it back to him when he was being rude simply because I told him I was getting close to my bus stop at which he proceeded to tell me to move to the front because they didn’t want to stop there. I asked him if he wanted me to come sit on his head as there was no space in the front he was yelling at me to move to. Before I knew it, I heard “all these small girls that are fucking married men”. Just like that. With my whole Nysc uniform I was wearing. I told him at least I’m not like his wife that’s still fucking richer married men and he can go on saying whatever because that’s the only thing men would always use to insult women. That was the end of that.

I think I can try to add to this list :

Live alone, Ashawo

Fix your nails and lashes steady, ashawo

Don’t respond to “eeeeees, sister, fine girl “, Ashawo, you no even fine

Pass exams they didn’t see you reading for, Ashawo for lecturers

Have plenty female friends, ashawo

Have plenty male friends, ashawo

Use boy as dp, ashawo

Say you’re sick, ashawo don get belle

Be able to afford nice things, ashawo

Go out alone, ashawo looking for customer

Go out with friends, association of ashawo looking for customer

Have boyfriend, ashawo

Put a guy in the friend zone, ashawoooo

Buy new phone, ashawo

Don’t announce when you’re broke so people assume you’re rich, ashawo

Somebody dents ur car, ashawo who give you car?

Be a woman with a mind, ashawo

Watch porn, ashawo

Like Kim Kardashian, ashawo we’re waiting for your sex tape

Travel, ashawo

Have plenty ig followers, ashawo

Wear leg chain, ashawo

Have tattoo, ashawo

God will help us in this country. I think though that if women stopped getting offended at being called ashawo, opio, olosho, national and all the other variations they would stop. Or probably call us shameless ashawo.

And people criticize Amber Rose’ Slut Walk.



9 Replies to “Ashawo Oshi!!!”

  1. Lol @ Fix your nails and lashes steady, ashawo. ..Hmmmm Ashawo is the name of every woman in “Naija”.
    “Ashawo kobo kobo “😁😁😁 from the bus conductor to the angry driver in traffic,okada riders and disgruntled exes.
    the word has lost its essence jare… E no dey pain me again lol


  2. Go to school, ashawo
    Don’t go, ashawo
    Be IfySilas’ friend, ashawo, lol
    Wear nice stuff, ashawo
    Don’t wear, ashawo gone broke
    Be a girl, ashawo
    Just have a vagina, ashawo


  3. *covers Face* Okay am so guilty of this… Stopping right away… Buh any dude calling a girl Ashewo sef na Ashewo cause how you take sabi who ashawo be.. Me i use da term Olosho guess thats one sef tush pass ashewo… *Runs Away*


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