The Other Shoe

Esther was shocked at the sight in front of her. Wasn’t this Kunle, the supposed standard for good husbands everywhere, her friend’s husband in shinning armour canoodling with a girl that looked like she came from the set of a music video?. “Ehen!, wonders shall never cease” she thought to herself as she stood and stared. Her mother had told her years ago that whenever something was too good to be true, it usually was. Of course she had told Cassy this but the girl just won’t listen.

They had been friends for a while ; about four years and in all that time, Kunle had been present albeit as the weird guy friend who wouldn’t take the hint that he wasn’t needed around. That is until he and Cassy started dating. She hadn’t seen it coming, in fact she could have sworn that Cassy disliked the guy as much as she did. Fine, he was nice and caring but the man was too nice, too soft, too slippery, too everything that a man wasn’t supposed to be and she told Cassy this but her friend was too doe-eyed to be bothered so she had let them be, counting the days and preparing a ready shoulder for her to cry on when things ended. Things didn’t end, he proposed and she accepted and they had a grand wedding. But still… It didn’t help that Cassy never had a bad word to say about her husband, instead she always got pictures on Whatsapp of gifts her sweet Kunle gave her. Last week it was Β a Toyota Fortuner. He just bought her That car for nothing!. She wasn’t jealous though, she was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. From her experiences with men, the other shoe always drops.

Right before her eyes ,in the foyer of Sheraton was the big shoe drop. Even though she had expected it, she was still surprised, maybe because of the girl he was with. She couldn’t see her face but she was dressed in the Β flimsiest of silk;a silk black dress and long hair the length of men she had probably slept with. She brought out her phone to take pictures, evidence if you may, to show poor Cassy. She would stand by her through this trying time. The poor girl would be heartbroken, she loved Kunle too much.

Cassy walked into the room sweaty and eager to take off the uncomfortable shoes she was wearing when her phone beeped. “Excuse me, let me check this” she said to her companion as she brought out her phone from the Proenza Schouler bag her darling husband gave her yesterday and saw a message from Esther.

She opened it and gasped, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Baby” she whispered to Kunle “we are going to have to be more discreet if this is going to work, Esther just sent me this picture ” she showed it to him as they both laughed and he dragged her closely and proceeded to rip the black silk off her. “No sweat hun, we’ll go somewhere else next week” he replied and kissed her on her head, on her lips, on her neck.

9 thoughts on “The Other Shoe

  1. Lol,I luv dis part “She couldn’t see her face but she was dressed in the flimsiest of silk;a silk black dress and long hair the length of men she had probably slept with” …some female frnds be hating dia frnd’s bf n hubby 4 no reason.


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