Spare the Rod, Sometimes.

Growing up, I wasn’t beaten when I didn’t know how to spell a word or recite the multiplication table flawlessly, or rather I wasn’t beaten by my parents. I can’t say for sure that I wasn’t beaten by my teachers but I was a smart kid so I don’t think I was. Not too much.

So I was coming into my compound this morning when I saw my neighbour beating my caretaker’s sons under the scorching sun. They’re lovely boys but could be troublesome most times so I went to find out what they had done this time. Turns out they couldn’t recite the 2 and 4 times table. One is in primary 5 and the other, primary 2. Now I know that’s bad but I don’t know, I just felt some type of way watching the whole thing.

I mean, Β they’re not his children neither is he paying for their education and flogging them isn’t going to magically give them multiplication recital powers. I couldn’t say anything, I tried though but their father was there and didn’t say anything.

I believe they’re times when the rod is needed and this wasn’t one of those times but what do I know? I’m not a parent. Yet.


2 thoughts on “Spare the Rod, Sometimes.

  1. Matter of fact, i do not think it’s bad that a boy in class 5,or whatever class for that matter cannot recite the times table. Explaining this would lead to an epistle, and alot of people would still not agree anyways so, I’d just leave that at that.


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