She’s Not Asking for It!

I had a discussion once with a neighbour, about rape. He didn’t think rape was a thing (I know, I still don’t get it). According to him, girls just make up rape stories because it’s physically impossible for a man to get hard enough to penetrate when the woman is unwilling. I want to believe he was joking.

Few weeks back, there was a scandal on Twitter that has since died down because well, social media. A lady accused one lai-skinned guy of blackmailing her for sex using her nudes. Okay, let me break it down. He was blackmailing her for sex by threatening to leak her nudes so baby girl reported herself first. As expected, he denied, that is until someone dug up his tweets from 6 years ago. Apparently, rape is his sport of choice. I’m still waiting to see how it all pans out.

I don’t like clothes that go levels below my knee except of course it’s in an amazing design, my go to outfit is either denim trousers and tees or short dresses, skirts and whatever and I’ve lost track of how many times someone has said I’m asking for it. “It” here refers to cat calls, groping and just general disrespect.

So I’m just going to break it down fellas because unfortunately rape is actually a thing. An utterly disgusting thing.

She’s not asking for it because she came to pay you a visit. This counts as TMI but I’ve been here, not that long ago actually. I went to see a guy at his house and brethren I wasn’t even there 10 minutes when he started making moves. “Come and lie on the bed baby” “come let me warm you baby, you’re cold ” (instead of him to put off the ac) and my favourite “you’re not a child na” , nigga say what? I’m a child o, a child of God, my parent’s child, a child of the community. What??

It doesn’t mean anything if you take her to eat or shopping. She’s not required to pay up neither are you to forcefully take. She didn’t put a gun to your head, you did those things because you wanted to. There are girls that get money and fuck you senseless, they’re called prostitutes. Patronize one today.

No means No. It doesn’t mean maybe or when you’re in my vagina I’m sure I’ll warm up to it. It means No. At any point. Even the “but she let me take off her clothes” point. Still No my brother. It’s not your business, she’s allowed to change her mind.

If you’re a guy and you get aroused when the female is in pain, why don’t you try introducing BDSM to your partner and if she’s game you can get your fill of pain and pleasure. It rocks really or you can just leave her and get someone else. A broken relationship is better than prison.

And to my ladies that play coy when someone’s being inappropriate with them, I really don’t know what to tell you. That’s a lie, I know. Stop that shit! Today! This is not the “when they go low, we go high” time, tell them off. Be disrespectful, take it personal, blow it up, cuss them out, whatever, just never stand for it. Never let someone get comfortable disrespecting you or your body.




3 thoughts on “She’s Not Asking for It!

  1. “and my favourite “you’re not a child na” , nigga say what? I’m a child o, a child of God, my parent’s child, a child of the community” Lol I swear down I am a child ooo. On a crious note,no 1 has any excuse 4 raping a fellow human,Indeed NO means NO, but if u’re so much in nid of ‘it’, read d blogger’s advice:”There are girls that get money and f**k you senseless, they’re called prostitutes. Patronize one today”.


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