See Me See Trouble.

Lol. The caption may or may not have something to do with this post. Somehow “marry me” by Falz, Yemi Alade and Poe has been ringing in my head. Listen Here And yeah, I had a dream yesterday where I was singing like an angel. Afternoon dream o, I think it was the weather, the room was too hot. I woke up though when I was about to murder a high note, *sigh * even in the dream I can’t sing.

Now to the matter, I was recently reported to my neighbour’s girlfriend as his side chic. See me see trouble. The source called the reporter who then called the girlfriend. They want to spoil my relationship with the only person I talk to. Fortunately, the girl was smart not to believe it and she told her boyfriend everything; name, date, verbatim statements. I got to hear about it much later, he told me and while I’m not friends with the reporter, we had some kind of relationship. Had. I forgive people by forgetting about them. Especially when she could have just talked to me if she noticed something she didn’t like. Or even talked to him.

Which brings me to the question, would you tell an acquaintance if you knew they were being cheated on? No? What about a friend? What if it was your friend that was cheating, would you tell on them? Would you want your friend to tell you if your partner was cheating?

I saw a tweet once, the lady said anybody that tells her she’s being cheated on owes her a new boyfriend since the person was such a busy body. I wouldn’t tell someone I’m not close that they were being cheated on because frankly, it’s not my place and who’s to say they don’t already know? You’ll now open your mouth and embarrass them or worse, get told to mind your damn business. I’ll tell my friend though only if I was 100% sure and had proof and knew she didn’t have a clue because she’s my friend and I don’t have a friend that’s into main chic/side chic dynamics. If my friend was cheating I would never tell on her well because, girl code. I won’t encourage her either, I might be my sisters keeper but I won’t hold her hand.

If I’m being cheated on and I call you friend, edakun please tell me. I promise not to be mad at you, don’t just sit by and watch me being love struck and foolish, using somebody’s dp and feeling good when in reality I’m dating community property, “our own” and having someone come to me as a woman in a relationship I thought had only two people not the entire tribe of Judah. Please tell me, help a friend.

If I don’t know you like that, that is we don’t know each other’s surnames, date of birth, and I don’t chat with you on Whatsapp, please mind your business. Nobody called you inside anything. Thank you.

“Ashes to Ashes, dust to side chics” Beyonce (lemonade).


5 thoughts on “See Me See Trouble.

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will tell even if we are close friends, something about the pain you will have to go through. I don’t think I can go through that, however I will hunt the guy down with my proofs and give him a very severe warning, yes that’s what I will do.

    Awesome read, great job!


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