A Girl has lived before!

I just started watching Game of Thrones and now I wonder what I’ve been doing with myself that it had to take this long, it’s a really interesting series and I’m glad I got worn down enough by the person that kept recommending it to watch it. I apologize in advance for every GOT term or analogy I’ll use for the next three months (give or take). I’m always ecstatic about things, movies, people, anything till I’m not but I have a feeling this will last a little longer.

Moving on, do you ever get the feeling that you’ve lived before? Like having little flashbacks of things you know you’ve never experienced but you still can’t shake the feeling when they finally happen? Deja vu? How many times does it have to happen to not be deja vu?

I’ve had these little feelings from as far back as I can remember, sometimes with inconsequential things, sometimes I’m sure it’s going to happen before it does ; a win at every poker game sure. Sometimes I dream about it and think it’s what I like to call malaria dream well because most times I don’t know anyone else in the dream apart from myself but most times I end up living it here, it could take days, years or even minutes but I end up living it here.

Maybe the afterlife is real, maybe we exist simultaneously in other dimensions or maybe I just have very strong intuition but whatever the case, I don’t like what’s about to happen. I’m ready for it but I don’t like it.

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