President Trump

I should have placed a bet, I really should have.

Trump has triumphed and people are still reeling from the shock, most are still even protesting the results and I’m here laughing and picking the lessons.

If I’ve learned anything from the just concluded US election, it’s that experience isn’t everything. It’s not even that important when compared to pig headed determination. In a country where employees are supposed to be both young and experienced this will hopefully serve as an eye opener that ambition, determination and readiness to learn should be regarded also.

Speaking of ambition, well this is already pretty obvious. You are capable of things you don’t even know of yet. Your dreams are valid no matter what anyone says. Your dreams are more valid because people say they shouldn’t be. I mean, how can they think otherwise when they’re not the one with the dream. But then dreams don’t work unless you do.

Popularity isn’t success. Social media has told us popularity is in, it’s been in for a while now and we’re getting sucked in to the lie so much so that we would pay for followers and likes. It’s not helping that most competitions now are votes based, no large social media following, no votes, no win. Ask Hillary though, she had all the celebrities and all the shows, she even had the popular vote but still no win.

Another thing is I noticed is people are getting more appreciative of just being who you are and owning it. Some things Trump said made my skin crawl but that’s who he is; aggressive, easily goaded, ignorant, sexist, racist, says-it-as-he-feels-it mf and he owned that. No fucks given. People still liked him enough to make him president.

And yeah, racism is still very real. Never get it twisted.

This specially goes out to all those “friends” that support you in public but couldn’t care less when it comes down to it, your judgement is coming. How could you guys do Hillary like that? An “I have/ I did/ I’ve done” is always better than “I will”.

Have a lovely Sunday munchkins. God bless us all.


PS: so celebrities (Beyonce) are not really gods after all. Lmao. Even with the hive….lol.

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