Issa New Year!!!!!

Happy new year guys!!! It’s 2017 baby and I’m mad excited as I almost always am about basically everything.

Last year was a year of firsts ; in experiences, independence, goals, finances and of course, love and I’m grateful for everything. But.

I know I didn’t need to spend so much on food, not wholesome food sef, I’m talking junk and unnecessary carbs and sugary drinks. Another thing is I gave people too many chances they didn’t deserve so now I’m going to drop few advice for the new year. You’re only to heed to the ones that relate to you (at your own risk of course).

Firstly, please get money. This is not a joke. You need money for so many things and that makes it a necessity. In order to get money, you need to provide value that can be exchanged for cash. Now, you can choose to get a job or start on your own stuff but get money!

Secondly, keep money. Don’t be lau-lau spending everytime, we know you don’t have such funds. Hanging out with friends is fun and all but it shouldn’t be too frequent besides, there are fun things to do that don’t involve blowing thousands of naira, find them. Learn to invest, let your money work while you sleep. Invest wisely. For the ladies, it’s not every asoebi that should concern you. Use your head, say NO!

Talking about friends, please choose carefully. The fact that you talk to someone shouldn’t automatically translate to friendship. Get a tribe of people with similar ideals, aspirations, principles that motivate you to reach your full potential. If your friends only call you to give you gist, discard them you have Linda Ikeji’s blog for that. Take note of the ones that don’t clap when you win and discard them. In short , discard fake friends shinning teeth in your face. I say this for your own good.

Also, please find time to work on your goals. Don’t spend your youth working so hard on someone else’s goals that you abandon yours.

You know I’ll find a way to bring food into this. Eat well, noodles everyday isn’t eating well (this is personal). Try getting balanced meals everytime. Don’t over eat.

For romantic relationships, leave the games in 2016. Learn to communicate, don’t just be talking at someone. Love with everything, give your all, love fearlessly. I’m not going to advice against cheating because I want to believe only intelligent people read this blog. Yes, if you cheat you’re stupid.

Call your parents, love them, be kind to them, talk to them. You’re getting older but so are they and before you know it, they’ll be gone so be nice to them.

Overall, just be nice and the universe will reward you even if humans won’t.

Again, happy new year. May this year be magical in its wonder for us all. I love you!



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