Ode to A Stranger

In a swarm of people I noticed you. You and your big braids and an arm packed with beads. I’ve been sitting here a while, make that a long time, waiting for anything to happen, something to distract me from my boredom and then you walked in. Actually, it looked like you fell in. I had never seen anyone look so out of place.

I admired your hair, really pretty box braids and your arm of beads. You looked like a Rihanna of some sorts, kinda like I imagine a really free person would look. And your blouse, striking coral with the coffee-coloured fringe details worn over the most form fitting three-quarter denim I had ever seen. I wondered if you were comfortable, if you could breathe. If you were uncomfortable it didn’t show, not with the way you rushed in.

I was still staring as you glanced around, looking for someone. I was still staring when the guy in the blue shirt asked you what happened to your leg, that was when we both noticed the huge burn on your left leg, it looked like the fatty part ofย suya, so grotesque against your smooth caramel skin and I felt the scream before I heard it. I almost spit out my Coke as I laughed, it sounded like a tray crashing to the ground.

How could someone so cool looking have such a ghastly scream? I hope you’re better though and you didn’t have a headache from all that shouting and thank you, You made an otherwise boring Monday fun for me.

have you ever heard or met someone you thought was perfect only to find they had an embarrassing flaw? What was it and how did you react? Hopefully you didn’t laugh like me. Luckily people assumed it was all that gas in Coke.


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