Yay! I’m getting Married!!!!

I’m up watching E! Live from the red carpet at the Golden Globes and I think seeing Chris Pine will always take my breath away, Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are the ultimate chic couple, and the couture dresses, there are no words man.

Yes, back to reality. I’m getting married!!! Yes, to an actual male human. It seems like just days ago that I wrote on how large (small) I would like my wedding to be and now I’m planning it. Not just wishing, planning.

Who is he? You’ll know soon, I promise to put the pictures here first before anywhere because you guys are awesome and I love you. Why didn’t I use the picture with the ring? Well, a normal person would have done the obligatory “I said yes to my baby” instagram post but c’mon, we don’t do normal.

It doesn’t mean I’m not getting married, I am. I got a dm from one heck of a gorgeous man, he’s so beautiful I almost didn’t reply because I was absorbed in his feed. #muchcute. Then I got followed by a page that sells engagement/wedding rings right before I spoke to the most courteous Airtel customer service rep and she wouldn’t stop calling me Mrs Hope. If that isn’t God telling me something, I don’t know. I sha know I’m getting married.

if you read to the end and you’re cursing me for raising your hopes, LOL I’m not even sorry. Whatever you would love to call and say or ask me in relation to this post, drop it as a comment biko. There’s no inside scoop. That’s how you people were bombarding me with messages in reference to the previous post.

Comments my people, comments.

I’m really getting married though.

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