Purple Satin

You know how you meet someone and finally understand why it had to take so long and why it never seemed to work with anyone else? No? Me neither.

Kike’s wedding was to be the talk of the town for months and unfortunately, I was to be a big part of it. Yes, unfortunately. Me, chief bridesmaid? In what alternate universe would anyone have thought it possible? Yes, I am her best friend but also, Yes I’m an unapologetic outsider of the fitfam club and YES Kike is as superficial as it gets. I would’ve done anything to just be a regular guest, weddings were not my thing, especially when I couldn’t boast of ordinary boyfriend but it was about Kike and I would do just about anything for her; wearing satin on my size 16 body inclusive.

The decorator outdid herself, everything was perfect, I mean they had to be or else Kike would have cut off everyone’s neck starting with mine and ending with the officiating minister. I’m sure I made for quite the entertainment in my black loafers and long dress waddling all over the place like a penguin making sure everything was okay well, because my darling friend didn’t see the need for a planner when I was there. Right. It was a beautiful ceremony all in all, I got to witness Kike almost cry when she was saying her vows, shocking me and everybody else to think that she could care about someone else like that. I said I would do almost anything for her right? well, as long as I didn’t have to dance and be present at the bouquet throwing charade. At that point, I had seen enough so I ran (walked hurriedly more like) to the only place I knew nobody would bother checking, outside the gate, under the recharge card sellers umbrella.

I think it was the rush or something because I didn’t see until I had hit myself hard against him, a drop dead gorgeous hunk of a man, light-skinned tall man. Oh lord. Imagine meeting that in my purple rumpled satin. Apparently, we were both there to escape from the madness inside and I didn’t notice the time fly by as we talked about almost everything, mainly focusing on our impressions of strangers passing by. I almost threw my phone away when it rang, except, I remembered how long it took me to save enough money to get it . I hung up and apologized for having to leave .We exchanged cards and he promised to call.

The wedding was 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day ago but he hasn’t called. It must have been the purple satin or maybe I need to take Kike’s advice and go wash my head in the river.

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