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How soon is too soon?

I don’t watch it, not because I don’t want to, I just don’t have the time to. I see snippets of it on Instagram though and I wish I could sit at home all day and be entertained because from the little I’ve seen, its entertaining. Yeah , I’m talking about Big Brother Nigeria. the show people hate to love for reasons best known to them.

I’ve been seeing long articles from the morality police on social media about how BBN doesn’t have content, all they do is kiss and fondle , It’s not educational bla bla black sheep. I’m waiting for them to tell us who forces them to watch but then again that one is not my consign. I’m more concerned with how fast the housemates are getting acquainted with each other, I mean damn Bisola, at least get to know his favorite colour first. nobody should come and tell me that’s her strategy o cos adonbelieveit. This brings me to the question, how soon is too soon to get intimate (not exactly sex)with someone you just met.

The catholic girl in me will say anything before your wedding night is too soon but the other side of me that’s known by few people will say yolo bih , as long as you’re happy. I used to know someone that felt the true test of the success of a relationship was how strong the attraction (lust, doings, knacking frequency, give it your own name) was, she obviously missed the moral lesson of Beauty and the Beast. When you combine money and close proximity to another person edakun what was Beauty supposed to do? fall in love!. Okay, lets remove money from the matter. i believe you cannot really say you hate someone until you have been in close range with them over a long period of time.

Anyways, back to the matter. at what point is it okay to kiss, make out, whatever it is Bisola was doing to TTT? after the third date? after the first date? after he has introduced you to his friends as ‘my girl’? on cable tv? when? and do you think the pace affects the relationship in anyway? like a girl being called a hoe because she gave it up on the first date or being called a rigid prude because you keep stalling.

Let’s talk guys.

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