Is GOD a Narcissist?

No, like seriously. I was on Bellanaija sometime last year and I came across a comment on a post . The commenter was asking why God needed so much praise all the time if he wasn’t a narcissist . she also asked if he was a sadist, because why else would he want someone to cry and beg and grovel before answering one small prayer. if not for my laziness, I would have gone to look for that comment. It was surprising to note that a lot of people had agreed with her, well because we’re overtly religious and I half expected her to be bullied into spiritual submission.because I could relate almost too well with that comment, I got a screenshot of it and used it as my Whatsapp profile picture and the firebrand Madonnas of our time nearly had my head , someone even called me a blasphemer.

I used to think and question God like this too, like why can’t you just destroy the devil once and for all so we can hear word, what’s the essence of creating us and giving us freedom to make choices if you already know the choices we’re going to make after all you know the end from the beginning and so on and so forth, why should some people have it better than others bla bla bla. I still don’t have most of the answers but I think I can attempt a few.

Wanting praise doesn’t make one a narcissist, wanting praise when you’ve done nothing praiseworthy does; a delusional one at that but I bet that no matter how bad things seem to get, if you’re honest you’ll see that you have a lot to thank God for, besides God is perfect! I honestly don’t Β know which other requirement is needed for praise and I think if you want to come into his presence ,you have to come correct. Yes I know He’s your father and you shouldn’t have to airbrush anything before calling on him but this isn’t airbrushing, it’s acknowledgement that He’s God, just like how you preen and prepare to meet your father before asking him for something or how you double-check your work for errors before presenting them to your teacher/boss.

Why doesn’t he just destroy the devil? well, because he has already appointed a time for it and he’s not known to be a liar. Besides, the devil is the father of sin , meaning that if he destroys the devil now, he might have to kill us all too (because we’re still sinning even after He has given us the choice to either obey his commands or face eternal damnation).

If you’ve read till this point I’m sure you’ll agree that IΒ suck at discussing religion , all I’m trying to say is asking questions isn’t a bad thing so why do Christians get worked up about stuff like this? why not just explain? How do you expect to convert people to Christ when you feel threatened by genuine doubt?

I pray that we all come to full understanding as we embark on building a personal relationship with God.



4 thoughts on “Is GOD a Narcissist?

  1. I also suck at discussing Religion also… Buh i still believe only God know who serves him…. Do as yu like and we meet in heaven. #dogoodandliveright


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