Be Bold For Change!

Happy International Women’s day to all the amazing women and girls that visit this blog, and to their sisters and aunts and mothers and nieces.

Today is the day women get to be celebrated worldwide without ethnic, social, economic, linguistic or cultural discrimination. I’ve been scrolling through Instagram almost all morning and to say i’m inspired would be an understatement. we have come a long way from the 1900s , an impressive long way. By the way, you all need to check out Ynaija’s list of the 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria, that list is lit; women from varying fields ranging from medicine, finance, media, beauty, food, makeup, movie etc.

lemme say what i feel now

I’ve seen and heard people, people that are supposed to be smarter than others make downright insulting comments about women. if its not judging her career choices, its her outfit, her behaviour, her doggedness or whatever. I’ve also seen women that slipped up along the way, sometimes due to their own fault, just stay there, stuck. We may have evolved a lot from how women were treated some 100 years ago but the work left to be done is still much.We still have to struggle to be respected, it’s like we’re constantly saying respect me because I’m smart, because I own a business, because I’m a graduate, because I don’t have tattoos, because I have a husband, because I have a family, because of something other than I’m a human like you that deserves respect. Why must there always be a reason with us?

A woman is not meant to be one-dimensional. We are not an ‘either or’ situation, we are everything and anything we want to be. We can evolve, we can change our minds, we can negotiate deals, broker peace, whatever and we can do all these because we have brains. The fact that a woman twerks doesn’t mean she’s not a book lover or an excellent CEO, it just means she’s a person that likes to twerk, just as another will enjoy eating , or sleeping or playing chess. This pressure to be on one side of the fence is annoying, and stupid to be honest. Multifacetedness is a word, look it up.

To the women who feel they’ve made too many mistakes and that’s why they cant get a grip and move from whatever situation they’re in, Mami, you’re not a tree, you can move. It’s better now that they’re many centres and programs targeted at women in distress so before posting a letter to Joro or Breakormakeup, maybe you should think about trying them out first.

I really think you should check out Ynaija’s list, you’ll find women there with backstories that have excelled in spite of those challenges, because of those challenges. You’re made out of thicker material than you know, the sad part is we always wait for tragedy before we acknowledge our strengths. You’re the only one in your way of success, because for some reason you don’t think its possible.

In Nigeria especially, I’ve noticed that women give up a lot, first for their parents, then for their husband , then for their children and then 21 years later, they’re unfulfilled and hateful because they don’t get the appreciation they think they deserve. But the gag is, no one forced you, you chose to. I keep saying it, these are easier times, women are successfully balancing work and family life, there’s no shame in asking for help, you can work from home, you can work part time , your children don’t need you 20hours everyday, and you absolutely have to be in charge of your finances, meaning you have to get money.

Make a difference, think globally, act locally.

Be daring, Be bold. Be bold for change.


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