Ollie the Sugar Girl

How do people keep their creative juice flowing? Somebody teach me please, I’ve been stuck in the monotonous repetition that is currently my reality and it’s giving me constant headaches. Literally.

Last week I got propositioned to be a sugar girl, at least I think that’s the right term. It happened on my way back from the bank with me looking disheveled and all. If you see the man’s stomach eh,Β fadalawd (told Babe and he said it’s money that’s inside) lol.

Yeah, have you noticed the new look of the blog? What do you think about it? And please, how do you advise I get out of this rut??

6 thoughts on “Ollie the Sugar Girl

  1. Okay, first off, I love love the new look.

    About being a sugar girl, I had a discussion of some sort lately at work, about how it takes two to tangle, see ehn, girls will always be propositioned, and the ultimate decision is yours to make. So my darling dear, run with your two legs and don’t look back, abuse them if necessary if they fail to get the message. Ciao.


  2. I dont know the old look of the blog dou but this looks good.
    Welcome to the world of bloggers. Your post will differentiate you from others.
    About the ‘sugar girl’, it depends on your personality and how you view it (either good or bad) as a person. Some girls love that and are proud of it most times cos of the money they got from it not minding the other aspect….


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