WCW; The Smart Money Woman.

Hey lovelies.

How you doing? (in Wendy Williams’ voice)

Today is Wednesday and I’m crushing on lots of women. Today though is about one of them, a smart woman, A smart money woman. drum roll please…

Arese in Pink

Don’t let the unassuming look fool you, this woman is a powerhouse.

Her name, Arese Ugwu.  Arese is the owner of Smarmoneyafrica , a personal finance platform where she helps African Millenials kick ass in their finances by providing professional solutions on how to make create and keep wealth and subsequently building a better future by making smarter money decisions.

What qualifies her to do this you might ask, well, apart from having a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Aston Business School, she also has a Masters degree in Economic Development from University College London. She’s an alumnus of INSEAD, London Business School and Lagos Business School.

Not just that, she is the head of Wealth Management at Partnership Investment Plc, a financial services company. Her responsibility is to build the company’s wealth management division through business development and relationship management. As if that’s not enough, girl serves on the board of Partnership Securities ltd, a non-executive director at House of Tara Intl Ltd and an associate member of Wimbiz.

On the 22nd August 2016, she wrote a book, The SmartMoney Woman, a novel that encourages women to make more savvy decisions with regards to their finances and wealth creation. Buy Here.

She turned 31 last year. Inspired yet?


For tips on how to slay financially while still serving looks, Visit Her Blog Here. Yes, I know, I’m a good person sharing all these with you.

Follow her on Instagram Here

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