Be A Productive Night owl

Hi, I’m Ollie and I’m a night owl.

No, not literally. I mean I function perfectly at nighttime.

Early to bed , early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Issalie! at least for some people.

The last time I went to bed before 10pm was …I don’t think it has ever happened, but if I have ever used sleep as an excuse for not answering the phone before 10, then yes, I was asleep.

Seriously though, my day begins at night and when I’d like to be sleeping is when the world is waking up, people are going to school, work, lawd. As if having a 9-5 is not bad enough, I live in Lagos, meaning if I’m going to make it to work on time, I have to leave the house by 6:30 or latest 6:50 or risk facing traffic of annoying proportions.

Many motivational/self help books advocate for waking early and seizing the day citing examples of wealthy people that rise by 5am bla bla bla. Please. People are different, personally, daytime is too bright, too noisy, and too distracting for me. So instead of telling you how to train your body to shut down at night, I’ll share some tips on how to be a night owl and still function like a baddie that you are during the day.

Stop Taking fizzy drinks close to Bedtime

I take an unhealthy amount of sugary drinks (read Coke) daily but I know better than to take any sugary drink in the evenings except I’m planning on staying awake till 3 am because sugar gives you energy and is therefore bad to take before bedtime. Coffee too.

Set a Ceiling on how Late you can stay up

Between chatting with the babe, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, planning blog posts, catching up on episodes of Empire and gisting the fam about how work was, it’s easy to get carried away and forget to sleep until its morning. What I do is set a time  that I cannot stay up later than (for now that’s 12am) so I can get enough sleep and wake ready to take on the day. It doesn’t matter how juicy the conversation is, by 12am, baby girl’s eyes are shut.

Plan your Outfits before hand

Even though I occasionally change my mind at the last minute because a skirt can’t pass through my hips, I plan my work wear every two weeks. I do a mini capsule wardrobe for work only because i do not have a social life that will last for two weeks thus reducing the amount of time I’ll have to spend getting ready in the mornings. Apart from being a time saver, it gives me more time to sleep.

Keep your Alarm Loud and Out of Reach

My current alarm tone is This is What You Came for by Calvin Harris set at the highest volume, with vibration and I place my phone on my dressing table so when it rings I have to wake up, stand up and walk over to where it is to stop it. By then, I’m fully awake.  That’s better than setting 6 alarms and snoozing through all.

Don’t Rush. Take your Time

Sometimes, I get to work before 8 and someone thinks just because I’m there, I’m ready to work. Work resumes at 8 and I don’t touch anything work related till it’s 8. anytime I rush, I make mistakes and I don’t like making mistakes and that’s why before I leave home, I already have an idea of the first sets of things I’m going to be working on while still leaving room for surprises because, well, because life happens.

Tackle the Hard Tasks at Peak Periods

I work well between 8-2pm , after then it’s like my brain starts to close on me only to reopen by 8-3am and that’s when i work. Mornings for my 9-5 and nighttime for personal goals. Don’t feel bad working at night, that’s when you do your best work, own it. Just make sure you wind up by listening to cool music to relax your brain and get you in snooze mood.

As long as you wake up feeling refreshed, you’re doing it right. Or you could try stretching for about 2 minutes after you wake, it works wonders.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? How do you work and still have enough time for sleep?  How many hours of shut eye do you need daily to function properly? 

I’d love to read from you.

4 thoughts on “Be A Productive Night owl

  1. I think I’m a productive night owl too. I work best at night (everyone in my field of study does anyway), I could stay up to 3,4am most of the time. I get to work late tho because, ironically, I love sleep. Thanks for the alarm tip tho, I should be late earlier now lol


  2. I think am night owl that’s the more reason i love reading at night. Crazy as it may looks, no matter how late i sleep, i still wake up by 5:30 a.m max… There was a time when i was in my J.s.s.3 or so, there’s this my friend that can sprint far better than me. I actually challenged him one evening that am better than him, then we set out for the field (thanks to the Full moon). My dear, i was shocked at ma performance same as my friends. That’s by the way. Thanks for the write up. I only sleep well on weekends that’s around 12-4pm. Max of 5 hrs shut-eye daily.
    “Even though I occasionally change my mind at the last minute because a skirt can’t pass through my hips” Oshey hippsy


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