The Good Friend.

”Please now, we won’t even waste time. I promise”. Bola has been trying to persuade Mide to accompany her on a date for about 30 minutes now.

She crosses her arms, leaning back on the cushion, perplexed and annoyed at Bola for trying to rope her into something that wasn’t any of her business. ”Fine, but I’m leaving after an hour max’.


It was difficult to watch; the joy, the beauty, the passion when the priest’s voice was heard saying ”You may now kiss the bride”. It was all she could do to not shed a tear, tears that were dangerously on the brink of falling out. Who would understand why she was upset at such a joyous event? Who would? She feigned a cough and tried to regain her composure.

Douglas drove into Apartment 14, excited and anxious at the same time. He was meeting her today, that pretty innocent looking thing he met at the restaurant last week and talking with over the phone since then. For some reason, she always had excuses whenever he wanted to see her but today was his lucky day. She agreed to see him and he had only had to beg once.

”Ahan babe, at least put small effort in your outfit”. Mide just rolled her eyes and continued zipping up her red cardigan, ”Either I go like this or I stay here and continue with my movie” . Bola knew her friend well and she knew that right now, Mide was looking for every means to not go with her. She kept shut, cleaned off her left brow and started again, ”perfect arch tonight please” she muttered to herself.

He smelled her before he saw her, Bola came out after the first knock looking exactly like he remembered ; pretty and innocent. they hugged and exchanged pleasantries , then he saw her. Mide was already tired of the whole thing, ”why cant Bola just go by herself to this thing eh?” she kept thinking .  ”My name is Mide, I’m cold and I think we should be on our way now” she said and stepped forward to give him a handshake ”I thought I should introduce myself since none of you have manners, obviously” she added tightly.  Her fragrance was heady and he couldn’t reconcile her scent with her appearance; she had no makeup on, her hair was loose about her and the wind kept blowing it to her face, she was wearing denim and an over-sized red cardigan, in fact she looked like she had been disturbed from sleep. But damn, she smelled good.

”Mide, meet Douglas, Douglas, Mide my best friend” Bola hurriedly said, she had been so occupied with his rich dark complexion and that baritone, that oh so sexy baritone.

Dinner was at a 5 star restaurant on the island , Bola merely picked at her food, she was too busy laughing at Douglas’ jokes. the conversation flowed like they had known each other for years. ”on our way back, please can you stop by somewhere, I want to eat amala” Mide was heard saying. Douglas burst into laughter and Bola could not hide the indulgent smile that crept up her face. She would never understand how someone as polished as Mide would love amala so much. Her best friend was an interesting person, thank heavens she agreed to come.

Bola didn’t see a problem when Douglas asked for Mide’s number after all they had seemed pleasant to each other after the initial awkwardness, so she gave him.  When he called later on that night after he had dropped her off to say he wanted to take Mide to see the new Spiderman movie though, she felt uncomfortable, she hadn’t seen the movie too but she gave him the go ahead nonetheless. Days later, Mide called to ask her permission to go on a date with him ”it’s okay right, you guys are not doing anything”, she said yes, it was okay, they really weren’t doing anything because after that date Douglas had only called to find out all Mide’s likes and pet peeves. Yes, it was okay. But it really wasn’t. It wasn’t okay either when she was asked to be the maid of honour at their wedding. She said yes.


The sexy baritone was heard over the speakers, nobody needed to be told how much the groom loved his bride, but he told them anyways. His vows to her echoed throughout the church auditorium , words that Bola would have done anything to hear being spoken about her, heck she would have done anything to listen to that baritone for the rest of her life because she had fallen in love with him, with Douglas. But she didn’t, she kept on saying Yes.

This time, she couldn’t hold back the tears as they flowed and when Mide turned to tell her how happy she was, she saw the tears and she knew for the first time that it wasn’t okay.

It had never been okay.



Photocredit: Squarespace



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