Post To Prove? Nah, Protect Your Happiness.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d have heard about the engagement of Lagos most eligible bachelor Banky W to screen starlet and favourite sweetheart Adesua Etomi. I still have butterflies in my belly, this is easily the best news since…

One thing I noticed is the bad belle but last last there are still people like me that are beyond exhilarated for reasons unknown to me.

Now to the reason this post was made, what team do you play for? Are you team “I have a partner so everyone must know” or you’re more of “I have a partner and we don’t need an audience #protecturhappiness”?

Does the privacy of a relationship influence its longetivity?

Personally, I don’t think so although I’m not an advocate of over sharing especially on social media. I mean, you should know I’m in a relationship but not know of my relationship. You feel me?

The fact that you hold your partner dear to your heart doesn’t guarantee happiness, the worst that could happen is realizing your partnership is a joint stock venture.

Also, if you like post deets of how amazing your SO is on a daily, you just might entice someone enough to come take a piece of your pie.

Know your partner and react accordingly. We won’t all have the same love story, thankfully, but we’ll all be happy, hopefully. Like in Disney.

PS : There’s a post on the blog about sliding into dms’ like a pro. Find your susuu today.

This wedding ought to have nationwide chapters though if they’re not open to doing it at TBS. I kid, I kid.

5 thoughts on “Post To Prove? Nah, Protect Your Happiness.

  1. I am team i have a partner and everyone must know. I’m too lazy to start typing why this is what i stand for and why it works best for me, sigh!


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